The village of Ardglass contains more castles than any other location in Ireland! In total there are six. The reason was its harbour where it was possible to berth at any state of tide. Of various sizes they are Kings Castle, Jordan's Castle, Margaret's Castle, Cowd Castle, Horn Castle, and the Newark - a fortified warehouse built in 1405 and is now Ardglass Castle.

Drawing of Ardglass
How it would have looked in 1500
The Newark
Ardglass Castle today
View of Ardglass
From Ward Lane, Ardtole
View of Ardglass Castle
Ardtole in the background
Ardglass Castle
Harbour to the right
Ardglass Castle
Now the Golf Clubhouse
Ardglass and Horn Castle
You can see traces of the Newark
Ardglass Castle
View by the sea
King's Castle built in 1210
Ruins in 1830s
King's Castle
The two towers on the left are original
Kings Castle
From the front garden
King's Castle Garden
View of the front
King's Castle
Built for King John to stay
Jordan's Castle
View from Quay Street
Jordan's Castle
From Kildare Street (before restoration)
Jordans Castle
From Kildare Street
Ballast Office
At Margaret's Castle
The Bathing House
Built in the 1820s
The Eye of Ardglass
Located in a private garden
Isabella's Tower
Folly tower on The Ward
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