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Strangford Road, Ardglass, BT30 7SP

Small hamlet and church with ancient artefacts

Saint Mary's Church was built at the meeting of five roads in 1791. The builder was Rev. Edward Mulholland who is buried in the graveyard. He visited the medieval churches to gather artefacts and bring them to the new church.

Above the porch is a cross dating to the 900s from Ardtole Church. Two fonts line the path. The square one came from Dunsford. The stone one from Tollumgrange which is marked with a cross.

Under the steeple is the restored statue Our Lady of Dunsford. This dates to around 1300 and is contemporary with many on the continent. It was restored in 1908 by Francis Joseph Bigger when all fragments were found. It is the oldest stone statue of its kind in Ireland!


- Car parking

- Toilets (at the rear of the church)

- Curran's Bar & Restaurant


It is possible to do a short loop to Sheepland from here and visit Saint Patrick's Well 1 mile away.

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