English Street, Downpatrick, BT30 6AB

The resting place of Ireland's Patron Saints Patrick, Brigid, and Columba

Down Cathedral has been a place of worship from the time of Saint Patrick. The building was enlarged and reordered by John de Courcy and was a Benedictine abbey until the reformation.

This was the place the oxen stopped and the body of Saint Patrick was interred. In 834 it was decided that Saint Brigid's remains should be sent to Downpatrick and placed in the protection of the Dál Fiatach. Saint Columba's were sent from Iona later in 877.

With continuous raids by the Vikings they were buried for safe keeping. When John de Courcy arrived he had the bishop search for them. They were interred into one tomb with great ceremony by Cardinal Vivian on the 9th June 1186. Today a large stone in the churchyard marks the spot.


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Down Cathedral is located on the Lecale Way. The first section is the ancient pilgrims path to Struell Wells. The Quoile River walk can be followed from here passing the Mound of Down and Quoile Castle in a linear route.

The grave of three saints
From Inch Abbey
Down Cathedral
From The Grove
From the Mound of Down
From the Mound of Down
Home of the Dál Fiatach
From the Mound of Down
Walking towards the Quoile
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