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Saint Patrick's Well

Sheepland Road, Ardglass, BT30 7SN

Ancient holy well on the coast near Ardglass blessed by Saint Patrick

The Well is an ancient site of pilgrimage with legends of Saint Patrick. The waters of the well are said to cure any ailment.


Saint Patrick founded Ardtole Church which can be seen on the horizon. In the next field at low tide Saint Patrick's Road becomes visible. This was to be his route to the Isle of Man but when a red haried woman crossed his path he seen it as a bad omen and didn't make the journey.

The modern wall was erected in the 1950s. The bottom of the well was secured by one of the millstones from Sheepland Windmill.


- The nearest car park is the lay-by at Sheepland Harbour.


Saint Patrick's Well is located on the Lecale Way. The Ballyhornan Coastal Path passes by. There is a short loop around Sheepland Harbour with the Well. Ardtole Church is approximately 0.5 miles away on the Sheepland Road.

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