A circular loop with cliffs, coastal meadows, and a holy well

Follow the lane to Sheepland Harbour. Begin at the watermill and head north along the lane. Take the path on the right and follow the coastal path to the south. Follow this around to the harbour. Continue along the Lecale Way to Saint Patrick's Well and turn right onto the Sheepland Road back to the starting point.

Highlights along the route include: a clifftop walk, butterflies, wildflowers, old mills, and Saint Patrick's Well.

This route is approximately 1.5 miles. It can be shortened using the stile at the harbour. There are open fields, roaming livestock, and rocky and marshy terrain. 

The starting point
Beside the watermill
Heather in bloom
Sheepland Harbour
Natural bay
View to the Mournes
From Sheepland Harbour
Land creep
Sheepland Harbour
Saint Patrick's Road
Rock formation near the Well
Saint Patrick's Well
Ancient holy well
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