Fish from Ardglass is famed throughout Ireland. During the fishing boom at the end of the 19th Century workers came from all over Ireland and Scotland to bring in the catch. The most famed export from Ardglass is its potted herring. Herring is a migratory fish and it travels from the northerly waters down through the Irish Sea. The fishermen and the boats followed it from port to port. 

The days of steam
Docked at the South Pier
The Gutter Girls
At the South Harbour
Workers at the South Harbour
Taken in the early 1900s
View of the South Harbour
From Jordans Castle
The Gutter Girls
With docked sailing boats
Barrels at the South Harbour
View of the town
From the South Harbour
Hundreds of Barrels
At the South Harbour
Processed fish
Ready for export
Playful photograpd
The young boy is holding Neptune's trident
Docked boats
The Gutter Girls
Ardtole across the bay
Harbour workers
Waiting for barrels
Two carters
The South Harbour
In mid season
The Barrels
Made by carpenters and coops
The Gutter Girls
At the south harbour
Gutting the herring
Preparation of the fish
Busy at the South Harbour
Hundreds of barrels
At the south harbour
The South Harbour
The herring barrels
From UCD Archives
Salting the herring
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